Do you have too much moisture in your home?

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  • Reduce sources of water evaporation (bathing, cooking, humidifiers, etc.).
  • Install or inspect (and repair) exhaust fans in your bathrooms.
  • Install an exhaust fan in the kitchen to remove moisture caused by cooking.
  • Bring dry outdoor air into the home to replace stale, moist air that is being exhausted.
  • Check that exhaust ventilation systems are working properly.
  • Consider adding a whole house ventilation system.
  • In winter, temporarily open windows just a little to allow warm moist air to leave the home and also allow cold, dry air to come in.
  • In summer, use a properly sized air-conditioner or stand-alone dehumidification system to reduce the indoor humidity.
  • Seal openings that might allow warm, moist air to enter walls, ceilings and the attic where it may become a cause of structural damage to the home.
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