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Drying a Flood House with Heat Technology

Drying a Flood House with Heat Technology

The year 2013 saw many research projects conducted at HSG CodeBlue’s Structural Drying Laboratory in Springfield, Ohio. Potential faster drying times and the ability to salvage materials, once thought to be beyond recovery, underline the importance of research aimed at strengthening capacity to cope with drying flooded structures. One such study conducted occurred in November 2013 and involved drying a flood house with ΩDBK’s Drymatic system. While it is well established to professional restorers that heat energy dries materials faster, assessing the benefit cannot be done without a clear understanding of the methods and tools available. Heat drying technology is advancing and challenging the ways our industry dries structures. Faster drying times ensures that flood victims can return to their normal lifestyles sooner. Read More….


I love this article and Yes, I agree with this article 100%.  Why?  because we found the same or similar results from our experiences doing High Temperature Drying for wet structures, the last 8 years.  We are one of the only Minnesota companies using Heat for super fast water removal and water extraction.

With Americas Best Construction and Remodeling Inc., we do high temperature drying to dry out all types of  flooded homes and other wet structures. High Temperature drying is not well-known way to dry out wet structures and kill mold, but Dr. Moon presented the approximate upper limit for survival of mold fungi at 132-140 F.



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