Jeff Berens presents High Temperature Drying

Water Damage is the most common Insurance Claim in Minnesota

Water damage accounts for $1 billion in insured losses annually for homeowners and renters, with claims averaging more than $10,000 each, Worters said.     Appliance and plumbing failures are a leading cause of household water damage, which is far more common than you may think.     Homeowners are six times more likely to suffer property losses from water than from theft and seven times more likely than from fire, said Kelly Greene, a risk consulting manager from Chubb Personal Insurance who led a session on property damage at the Financial Planning Association NorCal conference in May.   Read the entire Star & Tribue article click here

This is a Great article on Water Damage and is related to the experiences we come across.,  Also,  most water damage that happens to your house is not covered by basic home owners insurance like Mold & Flooding.   We like the articles very detailed information on how to protect your home in an emergency situation relating to water damage.  FYI there’s a new way to Dry out Wet Structures, its High Temperature Drying which is the fastest way to dry in the entire Industry and limits secondary water damage too.





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