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High Temperature DRYING is the fastest way to dry in the Industry Today! DRYING 5 times FASTER than today’s current methods.  While killing existing Mold and preventing any future Mold growth inside your house or other structures.

 We are your “Heat Treatment Experts” using the highest quality electric heating equipment, performing Heat Treatments to kill bed bugs for over 10 years as “BED BUG GUYS”.  Our great success has allowed us to offer the Best Warranty/Guarantees in the whole Bed Bug Exterminating Industry.  Also, we are a Licensed General Contractor since 1998, performing High Temperature Drying to Kill Mold and Dry-Out water-soaked houses Super-Fast with unbelievable results.

Jeff Berens

 High Temperature Drying process is raising the ambient air temperature between 105F and 135F with state-of-the-art electric heaters; then using high-grade industrial fans for air movement and vapor removal. Our process represents a Super-Fast way to implement a new understanding of the Science of Drying that will allow us, “Your Heat Treatment Experts” to dry wet structures at least five times as fast as ever before! “Your Heat Treatment Experts” will completely dry Class 1 and 2 water losses involving up to 4,000 sq. ft. in just several (6-8) hours or faster! Class 3 and 4 losses will take longer to dry, less than 24 hours, but will still dry dramatically faster than conventional drying systems, 5-7 days using just fans and dehumidifiers.

For mold and other microbes, “YOUR HEAT TREATMENT EXPERTS” require that temperatures throughout the treatment area reach 120 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit and remain at or above those temperatures for a minimum of six to eight hours. “YOUR HEAT TREATMENT EXPERTS” may vary temperatures and durations based on the level of contamination, moisture present, and complexity of the structure.

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