Reviews and Responses from our Customers:

Jeff came and treated our problem quickly and efficiently. We were pleased with the results. We put our trust in Jeff's professional knowledge and his specialized equipment. Appreciated his prompt service and friendly manner. I’m very impressed with your Equipment and Scientific approach to our problems. So far, so good. Stay in touch.
Bev & Ted
Edina 2020
Very down to earth, and very professional. As a property manager i found the advice and services offered to be extremely valuable! It was a pleasure to work with this company and they have saved me a bunch of money! Thank you Jeff!
Jarred D.
2020 - Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
We have hired Jeff with Americas Best to Solve our Mold Problem last year. This year, we are using his air cleaning machines to Sanitize and Disinfect the air whiling killing the Coronavirus too.
Blaine 2020
Jeff Berens and America's Best Construction are my go to guys when I need work on my home. They've always gone above and beyond to make sure that I feel comfortable with the work they do and to work within my price range. Recently I had ice dam damage as well as squirrel problems in my attic. Jeff and his team were able to come out within a day, and start work on my home. Within 2 days they were finished and I was happy. When you have work that needs to be done on your house, It's important to have a contractor you can trust, and that is Jeff Berens and America's Best Construction & Remodeling. Thanks Jeff!!
Minneapolis 2019 - Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
I had a wonderfully experience working with Jeff and America's Best Construction & Remodeling to solve my water and Mold problem. They used a process called High Temperature Drying. I've been dealing with a water leak and mold problem for over 5 years with no solution. I started getting sick, after doing some research I learned mold was the cause of me getting sick. Also, I learned some Molds created cancer, which my wife died of cancer about 3 years. I started looking around for a solution and I found America's Best, Jeff came out and found the water problem and KILL my MOLD using High Temperature Drying process. It's now been 2 months and my water problem is solve and my MOLD problem is gone too. I loved working with this company and I highly recommend them to everyone with mold and water problems.
Jack S.
Columbia Heights 2019
This company has a fast response time and get the job done fast and efficiently. I use them for my business.
Daniel Bayless
2019 - Positive: Quality, Responsiveness
Great work and great service
Penny H
We Loved working with Jeff at Americas Best Construction, they had the Cheapest, Fastest and Best Solution to our Problems, MOLD in the basement and Smelly Toxic Odors threw out the rest of our house; the other 5 bids were all demolish and remodeling work to get rid of our MOLD and MOLDY SMELL, which would of costed us THOUSANDS of DOLLARS MORE.
Coon Rapids 2018
To my Horrifying dismay, my basement flooded from a heavy rain just a few months after I had it updated and remodeling. I was lucky to meet Jeff and his problem-solving skills. I had bids $6,000.00, $9,000.00 and anther over $10,000.00, which Jeff did for under $2,000.00. He diagnosed by water problem and permanently fixed it, dried out my basement and killed all my MOLD too.
Brooklyn Park 2017
I was getting sicker and sicker by the month and nobody could figure out what was causing my health problems, not even the several Doctors I had visited with. Finally, during one of my visits, they recommend I get some other test done to myself and one was a mold test. I agreed and the results came back positive, that I have Mold inside my body. I quickly had Mold testing done to my house. They found Mold in 9 of my 13 rooms inside my house; some Mold caused by Leaks from Ice Dams, Busted water pipes and flooded basement. I was referred to Jeff with Americas Best from one of his past customers, my Dr. that help solve my health problems. Soon enough I had Jeff at my house solving all my problems relating to MOLD. His solutions were very inexpensive, fast, easy, and super effective. He eliminated all my Mold problems to my house and inside of my body. I had impressive results to my HEALTH quickly, 2 months after Jeffs work, my checkup showed to MOLD inside my body, I FEEL GREAT AGAIN.
Minneapolis 2016
Came right out in an emergency situation, and professionally handled the problem.
Betty D
Jeff and his crew went above and beyond to make sure myself, my family and my pets were taken care of during our treatment. He was exceptionally thorough and dedicated to both his work and his guarantee. He took the time to educate me on the process and how I could best prep and follow up on my treatments for maximum success. He was extremely responsive and the best priced out of everyone I called. I'm extremely satisfied with his work ethic, customer service skills and the quality of his work.
Tanya L
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