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Faster Drying Time Means Happier Policyholders

A loss is a traumatic and often a once in a lifetime event. It is highly disruptive and results in a wide variety of negative experiences and emotions. Whether the insured is a homeowner or a business owner, everyone wants to get life back to normal as quickly as possible.

A water loss can be devastating to busy homeowners, and businesses may be losing thousands of dollars per day in lost revenues.

The faster a loss is restored, the faster the homeowner or business is back to normal; furthermore, the faster you get life back to normal, the happier they’ll be with your services!

Jeff Berens

Faster Drying Time Closes Claims Files Faster

Overloaded adjusters want to close claim files as fast as possible. By drying faster, less replacement is required, (replacement which can prolong the job for days, weeks and even months!) By drying faster, policyholders are back into their home and to normal in the shortest possible time and claim files are closed!

With Your “Heat Treatment Expert” using HIGH TEMPURATURE DRYING, Insurance Agents now have a new, better and exciting value proposition to offer your customers and especially the referral sources that are so critical to any growing business!

  • No matter which markets you focus on, Insurance Adjusters or Insurance Agents, HIGH TEMPURATURE DRYING gives you a major competitive advantage.

Faster Drying Time Prevents Secondary Damage

If not mitigated quickly and thoroughly, water losses will continue to get worse, a condition known as secondary damage. The most important secondary damage is mold growth with its attendant health hazards and increased liability for property owners.

Other secondary damage includes swelling of wood structural materials, warping materials and contents as they are continuously exposed to moisture

Every one of those target groups will see the value in faster, more thorough drying using Your “Heat Treatment Expert” with HIGH TEMPURATURE DRYING to dry out Water losses and KILLS MOLD Spores too.

Jeff Berens

Which Types of Water Losses are Covered Under Your Policy?

You’ll want to make sure you understand how costs associated with losses like these may be covered by your insurance policy or might need additional optional coverage for protection.

Some of the most common water losses include:

  • Ruptured water heater
  • Ruptured, broken or frozen water pipes
  • Tub/toilet/sink overflow
  • Washing machine hose breaks
  • Water line to the refrigerator icemaker leaks or ruptures
  • Dishwasher overflow or broken water line
  • HVAC/Plumbing/AC drains leaks

Typically, losses that are not covered under your policy, unless you add specific coverage for them, include:

  • Floods
  • Surface water
  • Continuous or repeated seepage
  • Sewer or sump pump backup (unless you buy a special endorsement)
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