Water in your basement? Here’s what you should do next

Experts say you have about 72 hours after getting water before mold starts to grow.  Read the whole story here

Tips for coping with flood damage
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With all the recent snow and rain, some homeowners are finding themselves dealing with flooding and mold issues. Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota (BBB) has some advice for those having to clean up and repair damage from all the water that’s leaked into their homes.

Getting rid of water inside a home can be as easy as vacuuming it up and drying out the room, or as extreme as having to rebuild part of the structure. Mold is also a big issue when moisture or water accumulates indoors. Detecting mold may be difficult because it can be hidden inside walls, under carpet, inside ductwork, or in roofing materials above the ceiling, so it’s best to get help from a professional. Read the rest of article here

Drying a Flood House with Heat Technology

The year 2013 saw many research projects conducted at HSG CodeBlue’s Structural Drying Laboratory in Springfield, Ohio. Potential faster drying times and the ability to salvage materials, once thought to be beyond recovery, underline the importance of research aimed at strengthening capacity to cope with drying flooded structures. One such study conducted occurred in November 2013 and involved drying a flood house with ΩDBK’s Drymatic system. While it is well established to professional restorers that heat energy dries materials faster, assessing the benefit cannot be done without a clear understanding of the methods and tools available. Heat drying technology is advancing and challenging the ways our industry dries structures. Faster drying times ensures that flood victims can return to their normal lifestyles sooner. Read More….

Operating rooms test positive for mold at Seattle Children’s Hospital– Mold played a part in five deaths between October 2014 and May 2016 at two University of Pittsburgh Medical Center hospitals, according to a 2017 report. Those patients were exposed to Mucor and Rhizopus mold.     Read the rest of this story here

Recent rain leaving homeowners tackling mold, bugs

If the rain caused flooding in your home, Day said there’s a good chance you could see mold or fungus, unless the areas were dried out properly.

“The magic number is 72 hours after something is wet,” Day said.  Read the whole story here

Mold 101: Effects on Human Health

Mold growth in homes, schools, and businesses should be eliminated for the sake of human health, structural integrity, and quality of life. Cleaning up small amounts of mold can be done by homeowners. Eliminating mold from large areas requires expertise and protection both for the removal specialists and occupants of the affected space. Read the whole story here

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