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Hydroxyl Generator:  Hydroxyl Generatorisa Space Age Technology Eliminating smelly TOXIC ODORS, MOLD, VIRUSES, BACTERIA and POISONOUS GASES… by creating Hydroxyls which are naturally formed by the reaction of UV light from the sun disassembling water vapor (H20) to get a hydrogen atom and oxygen (O2) to get an oxygen atom which are combined together to form the hydroxyl radical (*OH).  This Hydroxyl Radical floats in the air coming in contact to Kill and Exterminate VIRUSES, MOLD, POISONOUS GASES, BACTERIA AND ELIMINATES TOXIC ODORS too.  Over time these Hydroxyl Radicals will fall from the air to cover surfaces.

I would say it’s like creating Hydrogen Peroxide from the air and releasing it back into the air to KILL VIRUSES, MOLD, POISONOUS GASES, BACTERIA and Eliminates Toxic Odor too.   From early results, Hydrogen Peroxide has shown to be one of the best chemicals to use when killing the Coronavirus.

CHEMICAL Fogging/ Spray:  We use certified Chemicals to Fog and/or Spray your property, to kill ODORS and Poisonous Gases, also in homes and business such as long term care facilities, nursing homes, restaurants, gas stations, auto repair shops, group homes, grocery stories, along with cars, buses, and so much more.

Heat Treatments:    Most Odors, Mold, Bacteria and Viruses are easily killed at temperatures above 130F for 30 minutes.  We use the best commercial Electric Heating Equipment to raise the ambient air temperatures up to 135F.  Your area will be up to Lethal Temperatures within 30 minutes to 120 minutes depending on how large the area is that we are heat treating.  Then your Toxic Odors and other smells are gone, and back into your Home Sweet Home, within hours.

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