When water invades your home or business, ‘YOUR HEAT TREATMENT EXPERTS” offer professional water damage DRY OUTS, while KILLIMG MOLD QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY. Dr. Moon presented the approximate upper limit for survival of mold fungi at 132-140 F.

Jeff Berens

Even with proper drying equipment in place, carpet can take 24 hours or more to dry. Moderately wet drywall can take 1-3 days. Hardwood flooring, plaster, concrete, and wood may require 7-10 days to dry. Contractors and claims professionals that promise to dry buildings in three days are ignoring scientific principles; OR THEY ARE NOT USING HEAT. THEY ARE USING OLD, OUTDATED METHODS TO DRY OUT STRUCTURES.

WHEN USING THE WRONG EQUIPMENT (fans & dehumidifiers), structural drying is a scientific process that requires 3-10 DAYS, professional water damage training, and the use of specialized instruments (not heating equipment). It is very site-specific, and one size never fits all. Most water damage technicians are highly trained in psychometrics, the science of drying, and always use IICRC S500 industry standards for professional water damage restoration. They take 3-10 days to dry out structures, leaving live mold living in the structure when the job is done.

“YOUR HEAT TREATMENT EXPERTS” High Temperature Drying techniques include:

  • Remove standing water and recover assets
  • Find Cause of the water 
  • Measure moisture and record damage
  • Non-invasive leak detection 
  • Drying of buildings quickly and effectively using High Temperature Drying
  • Disinfection by destroying micro-organisms and mold using EXTREME HEAT
  • Odor neutralization by using HEAT
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